Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Loving the Arranged Marriage or Arranging the Love Marriage

“I tried so hard, and got so far, in the End it doesn’t even matter.” –Linkin Park
The above said words by  the babajis  at Linkin Park summarise the end result of most of our futile efforts for relationships,  or in this case, Marriage.  I write about relationships, and other shit that goes around in our stupid heads, hence I love the topic posed.

Now, im a 23 yr old, trying to figure out, which side of the coin ill chose, if I make it to marriageable age,and at the same time, be marriageable. So that was putting what’s yet to come, into context.

Most of us try so hard, to find girls to date. We google, register at stupid websites like Adult friendfinder.com (or was that for some other purpose?), we ask our friends to introduce us to chicks (dila de yaar bandi- in engineering lingo),we facebook to checkout chicks that don’t have blocked pictures, however, we want our dear mommies to find us bride material to marry. Why?

One, we don’t trust our judgement (whatever little we have of it, left). I feel, we don’t view relationships as a long term engagement, but as short term carnal affairs. Having said that, there are a million exceptions, but the general populace would agree. Add to that, the difficulty of finding one person of the opposite gender, that wants to stick around you. Phew, hell of a difficult task at hand. Next the commitment phobia, that we guys have, as much as we have hair. But assuming all of these are dealt with strictly, and you somehow decide you CAN marry, then why an arranged marriage, and if not then why a love marriage?

Now, I don’t want a Pulitzer for this post, so ill not describe the beauty and sanctity of the sacred institution of marriage, neither will I in my trademark way, abuse it. I will just show you the two coins, n not just the two sides of the same coin.

Why Love Marriage.
Now, if not like me, you’re one mirror shattering-ly beautiful guy, and you, unlike me, have your hands full with women, then the obvious choice is for you to go along and marry one of them. But if you, are one who keeps weird beard styles to take the attention away from whatever thing you have to call a face, then can you take that risk? What if the chick is after your money? (too cheesy?, so I was told). But the problem is all the pretty girls are already taken, or they like women (true story!). So where will you find one for yourself?

Why Arranged Marriage.
Now people that look like I do, love the concept of an arranged marriage, wherein, you are given an option, you take it or leave it. But things like taking a few years to even get to know the other person, do put me off. However, in this case, you don’t face the risk of getting blamed for anything your better (or worse) half does. So, its more of a win win, than the other way. You don’t have to convince your parents, no family panga’s to deal with.Neat.

Bottomline, If you manage to find a good chick for yourself, stick to her, and marry her. And if Not, well, what other option do u have left then?

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