Tuesday, December 6, 2011


“Hello Hello Hello,
Is anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me,
Is there anyone home?”

The hostel room perfect, Floyd in the background was perfect, the mood perfect, the cans  in our right hands perfect, the smokes in the left perfect, the occasion perfect, but yet something seemed imperfect.

We had all been placed, a perfect occasion to celebrate, yet something was off.

Two of us squatted on chairs and two on the bed where the ripped off bag of Lay’s lay and kurkure were spewn across on the newspapers between us. Neither of us said a word. All four lost in deep thought.

How fast things change.

It only seemed like yesterday, when we told each other our names. It was only yesterday that we copied on that test, bunked that subject too much and failed it. Only yesterday, that we had our cans in Central Park, had Kebabs at Khan Chacha. How chilled out life was. How weird life is now.

We had that white Maruti we roamed the whole of Delhi in. We had empty wallets, yet the bloated tummies. No balance in our phone Sim cards yet girls we went out with. Now we will barely have time for ourselves.

There we sat missing each of those moments, laughing at some, getting sentimental on others. I would go join a college in Mumbai, one would work in Bangalore, one Gurgaon, the other Ladakh, his hometown. We were destined to go as far away as possible, as if it were God’s plan.

We sat there talking about the madness, just the previous day, the Farewell. My getting clicked with the girl I had a crush on the entire 4 years. Not taking names. And A’s docile attempt of hugging B (an unsuspecting female), and getting slapped across in the face for the same. How we laughed at that.

The hostel room we studied in, the low wall we sat on to check out girls all day long and the times we spent arguing over who owed how much to whom, we were going away from all of it.

College was fun, we hoped life ahead would be even more fun.

We did not know what lay ahead.

I closed my eyes, gulped the contents of the can down and took it all in. It may never be the same again.

I made the best of friends in my Bachelors, and life was great. I hope they do great wherever they are.

And hope they don’t forget all the Floyd songs we have learnt, over the million cans of Coke :P .


  1. Reading your blog I could actually picture your room.... This is a compliment for any aspiring author :P

  2. Hey, WOW, that's actually the best one i have ever got. Thank You so much :) :) ..


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