Wednesday, November 9, 2011

That Must've Hurt

Some kick you to take out the frustration of a recent fight with their girlfriends; some kick you out of frustrations of not having a girlfriend. Some kick you because they could barely pass; some kick you because they missed out on topping by a mark or two. Some kick you because they’re the best footballer; some kick you because they never kicked a football in their life. Some kick you because they got kicked; some kick you because they want to get kicked.

The Kicking is inevitable, and so is the pain in the arse (pun intended), but it makes me wonder, what would life be without birthdays being celebrated this way? What would you look back to when you tell your kids about your stories in the hostels? The cake facials, the exorbitant treats, you had to take loans for? What would a birthday be, if people came over, had dinner and left? What would a birthday be, where u don’t feel special, in the wrong areas? (Disclaimer: the kicking is being referred to here).

The birthdays in our childhoods had their own fun, life was simpler, wants were different (won’t use the word “needs”). Going to school dressed in Casuals, the whole school knew it was your birthday. Girls you never spoke to, but had secret crushes on, would come to you, shake your hand and wish you, making you turn red. Teachers would excuse you for any crime you commit, as heinous as not doing your homework. The whole school saw you as THE celebrity that day. Everybody hung out with you, waiting to plunder your financial reserves. Your mother would make that special dish for you (for me it always had to be “kheer”), your dad would get you that ever awaited present in the evening (though, you always wanted it in a different colour).

I personally have always hated the last few hours of my birthday. You feel as if a superpower is being snatched from you as the seconds flow by. The world would change from the next day onwards. You’ll become Peter Parker for one whole year again. But then it’s up to you to make the day feel as if it could not be lived better, be the best Spiderman that can possibly exist. Make sure you convert all the calls you get from your ex-girlfriends (MBA people, express your solidarity). Make the most of those special twenty four hours, and most importantly get kicked in your ass like there is no tomorrow.

So here is to all people that have ever been born and have ever celebrated their birthdays, giving us the opportunity to kick them!!


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  2. this opportunity is coming soon.hope we meet on in dec...:)
    n nice post as usual.

  3. Haha, thanx bhaai :) .. and yo.. tum toh solid pitoge ;)


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