Monday, November 14, 2011

My Confused Brain

The Cornetto in my hand was melting, literally dripping, and it went unnoticed. “The sheets anyway need to be changed tomorrow”, I said to myself. “The dust accumulated on my laptop top, wouldn’t mind a few drops of ice cream” was another argument. I was about to drift off arguing with myself yet again, when I regained consciousness of the task at hand. “2 extra hours a day??, Wow!!”. I have long lost such luxuries in life.

Getting up at Seven, a few classes, many project submissions and many more assignments later, I reach my hostel room back at eight-eight thirty-ish. Have food, finish some pending work and go off to sleep. What would I do if I got two hours extra in a day?

I could not come up with an intelligent answer to that (not that I consider myself to be intelligent). I could call my girlfriend more (read: imaginary girlfriend, just for arguments sake), maybe wash the three hundred and forty two clothes and eighty seven pieces of undergarments, that have long been lost in the abyss of my laundry bag, or even consider getting a home theatre system installed in my hostel room to enjoy movies everyday (if the hostel 1 warden at IIT Bombay allowed me to, not to mention the financial constraints on that supposed solution). I could join a gym (to get that lean look :P), or play more fussball (i rock at it \m/), maybe teach students to earn, or play basketball regularly (before I start putting on more weight) or jam with my friends (I play the drums u see, *showoff*). I began to wonder, what would I do with the “extra time”. Maybe read a few good books, surf the net a little more, facebook more, blog more, maybe even consider going “Available” from “Invisible” mode on my Gtalk n FB Chat. None of these seem convincing enough (stop smiling and mocking me about the imaginary girlfriend part already *frowns*).

Maybe my mother, back there in Delhi, would need the two extra hours. After all she never gets time for herself, and now that all these MNC products like Horliks (Womens Horliks), Calcium Sandoz (Womens Pack) and Parachute (Special womens hair oil), have pushed that too much, she doesn’t want it. “Ill end up working more only”, she says.

(P.S.: Mom, I love u a lot for always being there by me, and this one is for you.)

I came back to thinking about utilizing it for myself (shell-fish me). Being the engineer I am, I thought the answer to the question must be something that I could do alone, because for other activities, I would require my counterpart to have those two extra hours too (no dirty thoughts *frowns again*).

So my final thoughts were.

If I don’t wash my clothes regularly (not that I do), and the thoughts of my Tommy Jeans rolling around with somebody’s dirty AMD brand underwear in the hostel laundry wouldn’t repulse me, I would save up on an hour or two daily (too farfetched?). I would study (because, I don’t already), maybe get good marks, get a good job and make my parents proud, and live a lavish life. Simple.
This solution doesn’t have the FEEL that many other lucrative options would, but it would be the better among other things to do. The lesser of the evils.

U still don’t seem convinced :( .. well then .. Lets just say, I would try my hardest to pataofy that pretty intelligent rich chick I have always wanted to date, but never could, for almost half a decade now. I would buy a shot gun, kill her current boyfriend, then stab him with a knife too, and maybe out of the sheer adrenaline and testosterone high, ask her out. Maybe!!

Maybe is too strong a word!!

An idle mind they say is a devils workshop!!

Get Busy!!

PS: This is my contest entry for a competition by Surf Excel titled  "Get smart".Its on what you could do with Two extra hours in a day!! 
Link -


  1. Wow. A brilliant thought. Letting your loved ones utilize the extra time. Simply briliant buddy. Keep up the good work.

    Aye Zindagi!
    Do vote if you find it interesting.

  2. Such an honest post... Khooni iraade hain! :)

  3. @Varun : Thank u so much :)
    @anukriti: Hehe, Very khooni i must tell you, coming straight from the gut :P :D

  4. nice...... all the best for the contest

  5. Simple sweet and straight from the heart- enjoyed it immensely :)

  6. @seema: thank you :)
    @specs buffy: thanks a lot :)

  7. sweet concept,very simple though.good luck my friend.
    here is my take.drop in when time permits -

  8. Hey Zradar.. Thank you and good luck to you too :)

  9. bhai, busy is the word suitable for you.,no idle mind.
    excellent grip to control reader's thoughts.


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