Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Horizon: Courtesy JATT AIRWAYS

The 5 shades merged into one, Black. What had started as a beautiful palate of the basic Red Blue Green Cyan Magenta Yellow, has for some reason relinquished itself to the darkness. What at 30k feet in the air had at 5pm appeared like a horizontal rainbow, the brown, merging into the grey, falling over into the orange-ish tone of the sunset, converging to the green and finally blues of the skies, has now at 7pm merged it all to form the blacks of the nights. The horizon was so near, approachable, and not so far, and suddenly somebody turned off the lights.

Isn't this what we do to our lives? Just when we see the finish line, someone comes and pulls the plug. Oh and not to forget, its mostly we who do it to ourselves. The things that appear mundane and do-able are the ones that actually test us. The end is always so achievable, yet the means always unclear. We start the race with the gusto of a racehorse and somewhere in the middle, yet leave it to the mule to carry us over the edge.

What is it that makes us lose it?

Do we lack the motivation, well I doubt it. We wouldn’t have started in the first place then. Would we have? It is not about the lack of knowledge. Oh, That we have aplenty. For everything else there is Google(On an entirely diff note, Google is to us students, what MasterCard is to shoppers). Again, its definitely not the lack of certain resources, that I can’t directly refer to here (Discreetly put, Bat and *****).

In my opinion and it may differ from the general consensus, it’s the laziness and the lack of energy and enthusiasm that sometimes nails us. That what we do, doesn’t excite us, and what we are excited by, we don’t do (and in some extreme cases, not allowed to do). Imagine the expression on the face of a singer when he hears his song for the first time on the radio. That’s the enthusiasm I’m referring to. That’s the energy, that’s the passion that drives the best of the brains. The world respects the IIT+IIM’s and their outflow of “human resources” into the “perennially understaffed and under skilled industry”, and pays them a bomb for it. But as the famous Chetan Bhagat quoted “its WPM that eventually wins” (WPM= whoever pays more). So I ask, why this Mad rush for Money and Fake degrees?

I respect only the people who do what they like, and they do it so well that nobody does it better than them, from THE SACHIN TENDULKARs, to THE AMITABH BACCHANs of this World. Be it from an IIT or from an ITI, the one who follows his passion, and sticks to it, is the winner. The one that goes through the whole race sticking to his convictions and eventually completes it, and doesn’t get lost in the darkness of the night, when it calls to him. That’s why we love SHAQ, that’s why we love TENDULKAR, that’s why we love MESSI and that’s why we hate RAKHI SAWANT!!! ;)

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