Monday, October 17, 2011


You see them chameleons, walking on the street,
Matching feet to feet, holding hands to greet.
You know their faces when their mask unfazes,
Spineless creatures, damn immune to disgraces.
Alliteration, no man, this is much more
People, they change, our eyes get sore.
You stick to them thru thick n thin,
Theyre out of ur life, by fancy of a whim.
You sacrifice urself,
and let them have whats left
in testing times, you hear them whine
You rush to help, no dearth of time
But when Its YOU, that feels hurt and sad,
N u think in a while, ull probably go mad
U weep to urself , no hand on ur shoulder,
No one comes along, to move the boulder
Its so hard to try when so openly they lie
You just cry and pray that time would fly.
Its one thing that most dont understand
It plain and simple and easy and bland
The people you think would always stick,
Are the ones that don’t, n u feel the prick
Friends , understand that friends will see u thru
Not that not pretty chick sitting out there in blue
Get back on track, pick ur self up
We know ull miss a jolly good ****
Long life ahead, people come and go
Just let it go, go with the flow
Camouflage, I must tell u they do,
Colours they change, in tint n hue,
Hide themselves in in guilt n shame
Wrap their tongue around the next frog again.


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