Saturday, August 20, 2011


There comes a time in your life, when you stop. You stop to think about what you’re doing .You stop to think what you could do differently, to matter? What difference would it make, if you did what you thought you would do? Things come and go, Thoughts flicker past, life passes, time flies, but we stay the same, we want to change, but why is change so difficult? Why is it that once you change, it becomes difficult for life to turn back. Why is it so that thinking of change and changing are not even remotely connected .Why is it that some people don’t want to change? So many whys. But not so many answers. We make resolutions, we break them, we make promises, that are shattered, but we don’t see the ripples of those broken promises. What is it that you want in life, what is it that life gives u? Why are the two never in tandem with each other. People think that they would quit smoking, some people think they’ll lose weight others want to learn musical instruments. Then why doesn’t all that take form? Why don’t we make it happen? Maybe because we don’t feel the urgency to act and complacency sets in. Will-power slacks.We feel bogged down. Where does one find the strength to go on?( GluconD isn’t that helpful. Tried that already.)

We are all different, yet all so same. We love our parents , yet we test their patience. Human nature is strange. We form bonds so easily, yet we break them even more easily. Trust gathered over years is shattered in moments. Yet we keep falling for the same traps day in and day out. We want grades, Yet we don’t want to work hard. We want great jobs and rewarding careers, yet we don’t strive hard enough. Remember how many times you used to reherse poems in front of the mirror, just to give your best shot at Elocution the next day? Where else could you feel the same again? Remember being called up on stage to take that certificate from the School Principal and feeling proud of yourself? When did you feel that lately? Long Time, eh Captain, Ain’t it? Remember , When your parents sacrificed something they wanted to get, over something that you wanted to buy?, It was easy for them, now when you think of it, I dont think so. It was change. And it was Difficult. All that we need I feel is change. I wish to be empowered. I wish to feel strong. I Want to Change. I want to make a difference!!

Live life to the fullest. Life presents you with opportunities. But you turn around from them. Nike says Just do it. Do what u want to do. Work hard. Remember the motivation, the drive, the zeal, the fervor, the butterflies, the racing pulse in the days when u used to stand up on the stage to speak out two lines, or even to sing in the morning assembly at school. That’s the feeling of something new.Now that’s what im talking about. That’s feeling fresh.That’s what I want to feel everyday. I want to learn. I want to work hard.I want to feel new. I want to change!! For myself, for my family, for my friends, for my head and my heart both. I wanted to write. And here I am starting on my road to change!!! The question is, WHO WILL FOLLOW?


  1. Reflection seems to be happened... Good attempt to put forward the basic essence of happy and joyful life..!
    Check out the list of found the first one..

  2. A good piece of write , Rajat..Well done! deep thoughts in simple words and that is , in basic sense , what life is!! The biggest resolutions in life are abided by simple means & when u do justice to them , u r happy and feel self-rewarded!!!
    Go with the feeling and urge to change ,,, U'll do it ,Dude!! All the achieving moments always want 2 come back to us , it's just that sometimes we don't let them.
    A long list of followers to come>>>>>>
    Stay happy & healthy :) :)

  3. @MALoo. Thank u bhaai.. will remember ur coment for a long time :) ...
    @ reshu. yes. exactly.. thats the exact essence i wanted to capture :) :) ...

  4. Do it for yourself.. Not for anyone else in the world.. Then when you u do it, you will know the value..

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  6. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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